How To Fell Stronger When You Sad


Sadness is part of human emotion. When the people feeling sad, tears will be rolling down from human eyes. Sadness will come up when something happen that hurting heart deeply. But if you are not going move on, sadness will make you hurt all the time. So what should you do to makes your heart feeling better.

1.Realize that this situation was happened
One of the most important thing that you should do is realize that this situation was happened.You can cry for a week but you do not have to cry again.

2.Talk to your best friend
When you feeling sad, your best friend is the best person to tell your story, tell all of your story until your heart feeling better. The best friend will listen you. After that you will be feeling better.

3.Do something you loves
When you feeling sad, do your activities normally. Don’t be alone in your bedroom. You can playing or do what you loves such as playing games, do some sport, hangout with your friend or anything that you loves.

As a human, don’t forget the god still excist. Tell your sadness to god, god will always listening you. God must be giving you all the best.


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