The Man Sould be Able Do This


The man is the god’s creature who has difference with a women. The man has broad shoulder, more powerful energy, mustache and difference personality. But as the real man there are jobs that the man should be able to do. And those jobs are :

1) Driving a motor cycle and a car
In the future you will be a husband who lead your wife and childrens. Your family want to go somewhere, and there are not any public transportation to go there. So do not disapointing your family, as a man can’t driving a motor cycle and a car is like a women.

2) Repairing simple things
Your home is your heaven. But unfortunately your things such as water faucet, door, or windows are broken. Do not call repair man because those problem perhaps will be happen againt. Open google and search what the problem is, so you could know what you should do.

3) Take care the baby
Your wife has something outside that must be finished within a cople days at the weekend. What will you do with your baby? You should be able to make milk formula, changing his diapers, make him sleep and bathing her. So if you can do what your wife do you won’t worried.

4) Protect and teach your family
This is very important point, there are nothing more important than your family healty and safety. Make sure your family members eat enough nutrition and get good knowledge. So you will life happier with your family.


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