Clash Of Clans


Clash Of Clans (COC) is one of the most famous game in Android and I-Phone devices. The main objective is build up our village to be better and stronger. COC is freemium game that’s mean we can play by free but if we wanna get special feature such as adding builder or boost collector machine or instant training troops, etc, we need the rarest item in that game named gems.

We can buy gems using credit card if we want. But if we don’t want to buy gems we also can get gems free by completed achievement. According to my experience, getting gems is the tiring activity. For example, i wanna get 5th builder and i need 1000 additional gems. I should completed mission that made me adding thropy until 2600 in order to me got master league.

In COC we have clan castle, we can join or create new clan. Clan functionate as our defensive building because it will deploy troops inside castle which we had from our friends before. If we have joined clan, we can to chat with clan friend  in left side of screen.

And for conclusion COC is recomended game which will entertaining us. Download and join my clan named ‘Teratai Putih’


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