The Advantages Of Mastered in English Language


I am a learner of English language. I know i still have many mistakes at using of grammar. But it doesn’t matter, because the learning phase is like this. Try -> mistakes -> correct. So what i want to write on this blog is the advantages if you guys could mastered English language. In the world, English language is using by United Nation (UN) and its members as the first language to communicate each country.

1. You can get many informations from many resource.

2. You will confident talk to stangger.

3. You can study in the university abroad.

4. You can get love from other country.

5. You can more enjoy when playing games, because many popular games are from USA.

Those are some the advantages if you can mastered english language, actually still many advantages of that, but i can’t write more because i have to go now, see you next time.


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